Jollyhers supply up to 70%OFF women special occasion dresses at Sep
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Jollyhers Supply Up To 70%OFF Women Special Occasion Dresses At Sep

Jollyhers supply up to 70%OFF women special occasion dresses at Sep


Today I’m thrilled to finally share the Fall Dress Memo! As you know, I posted a new dress on instagram every day for a specific fall or winter occasion. And just like the first Spring/Summer edition, the ultimate goal was to culminate the series with the publication of the Dress Memo, a comprehensive guide to dressing for every occasion from winter date night, to office holiday parties, to New Year’s Eve, and even Super Bowl Sunday.This series and the Dress Memo itself was borne out of the countless styling questions I’ve received over the years from readers about what to wear to different events and occasions. Questions like, what do I wear to a bridal shower? Or, what’s appropriate attire for my office holiday party? Or, I’m going to a black-tie wedding, do I have to wear a floor-length dress?

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Each post will be geared towards a specific Fall occasion—everything from favorite fall activities like today’s fall bonfire dress, to holiday party dresses, winter work dresses and many more!In addition to providing a fun collection of my favorite dresses, my goal with this series is to offer a true resource for navigating all of the season’s occasions—many of which really sneak up on us this time of year. Especially in the lead up to the holidays, work and life often get in the way of planning ahead for the parties, events, trips, weddings and other occasions that make the fall and winter seasons so special. Whether you have a Thanksgiving soiree, a formal office holiday party or a family ski trip on the calendar, feeling like you “have nothing to wear” shouldn’t hold you back from enjoying all of the festivities (…especially because they pretty much all involve lots of booze and food, two things that should never be foregone due to a clothing dilemma).

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