welcome to join Jollyhers 12%OFF women full dresses online sale at Labor's Day
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Welcome To Join Jollyhers 12%OFF Women Full Dresses Online Sale At Labor's Day

welcome to join Jollyhers 12%OFF women full dresses online sale at Labor's Day

It’s important to note that this season, power dressing isn’t only for work. In fact, just yesterday I wore this blazer with jean shorts for Sunday brunch with girlfriends. Similarly, a sleek black blazer with gold buttons (like this beauty) is a great staple piece to have on hand for fall nights when you’re headed to dinner or drinks and need something to layer over a little black dress. Whenever I’m cold and sitting on my couch at home, I have this extremely odd habit of cocooning myself with the knit throw that adorns our couch (or a patch of floor in its immediate vicinity), always at the ready for just this momentous nightly occasion. I’m not saying that I just wrap myself in a blanket like a normal human, I’m saying that I legitimately mummify myself by spinning into the blanket as Rich holds one end. While it does create the ultimate cozy human burrito, I have to admit that it poses significant challenges to limb mobility, making it less than ideal for… well basically everything other than lying horizontally.

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the sweater dress itself is not necessarily the most novel article of clothing. Maybe you already have a stockpile of these beauties from seasons past that you can’t wait to bust out of your closet. However, the cozy/warmth factor of this particular dress goes far beyond just that of a normal sweater dress, because as the title of today’s post suggests, this number has a hidden trick up it’s sleeve—or up it’s neck rather. The cowl neck that you see above can be converted to be worn off-the-shoulder making it the ULTIMATE fall and winter day-to-night dress. Mmmk, but how does this amplify the aforementioned cozy/warmth factor? Well drinking makes you warm and this dress faciliates après-work drinks, ipso facto, this dress is the actual bomb.

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