rsorder supply oldschool runescape gold with 8off free bonus at Sep
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Rsorder Supply Oldschool Runescape Gold With 8off Free Bonus At Sep

rsorder supply oldschool runescape gold with 8off free bonus at Sep

While the format hasn't changed - you still get a ticket every day and another if you complete a daily challenge - the presentation and looks have been given a lick of paint. Submit your tickets on the day that has the jazziest prizes, then cross your fingers and hope for the best!Monday – Golden godswords.Tuesday – Portable deposit boxes.Wednesday – Protean packs.Thursday – Golden warpriest.Friday – Deathtouched darts.Saturday – Golden barrows armour.Sunday – Golden chaotic weaponry (New!)Premier Club ChestsIf you're a Gold Premier Clubber, a content exclusive arrives with Player Owned Farm. This is the first of four chests that will be coming each month until the end of the year. Want a clue what's in the first chest? Well, there's 'jack-all' in it...Rainbow LizardIf you like your Rainbow's End rewards, then there's one in particular that's a site for 'saur eyes.

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The rainbow lizard has a colour-changing tail and crest, and will make you the centre of any party.RunefestFinally, whether you're going to Runefest or plan to watch via livestream, we have some news that might interest you. The Runefest App is available on Apple and Android stores now, and includes a survey for nominating your potential Golden Gnome winners. Over time, you can expect the app to update with a session schedule, alongside links to the streams, live polling and access to some great merch.Runefest is just around the corner on October 5th and 6th. We're prepping some hefty announcements, so gird your loins: it's going to be a good one.

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