Details about RSorder 260M sell runescape gold with Only $1 at Aug.22
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Details About RSorder 260M Sell Runescape Gold With Only $1 At Aug.22

Details about RSorder 260M sell runescape gold with Only $1 at Aug.22


Enjoy Rune Capers & RuneScape Ancient Elven Ritual Shard Changes
Now during Rune Capers event, you can hand Tokens of Might & Tokens of Talent to Joey in exchange for various rewards, like Event Mystery Box and Cloak of Proficiency. Besides, you have a rare chance to gain RuneScape Ancient elven ritual shard from Solak. Plus, there is RS gold for sale on RSorder.
Rune Capers event lasting until Sep 2
The new challenging Rune Capers will offer you a chance to gain (big) Event Mystery Box, Cloak of Might, Cloak of Talent as well as Cloak of Proficiency by earning Tokens of Might & Tokens of Talent along your adventures in-game. And Killing monsters during the event will grant you 25-30 Tokens of might every 3 minutes while combat-skill daily challenges will give you 74-90. On the other hand, you can gain 22-27 Tokens of talent from skilling every 3 minutes, 74-90 from daily challenges, and 148-181 from extended daily challenges.

let me introduce some upgrade of rs gold in Aug this year of (2018):

Above all, you will be able to receive all of these rewards after handing in 5000 of each token to the self-proclaimed King of Fashion Capes - Joey, found north of the Combat Academy in Lumbridge. Please note that the new event is going to end at 23:59 UTC on September 2. And if you want to wear the new capes, please hurry up. ??
Obtain Ancient elven ritual shard from Solak with 1/1000 drop rate?
With the Ancient elven ritual shard added to the drop table of Solak, you will have 1/1000 chance to gain the shard by killing Solak from now on in addition to the 1/1,500 drop rate while on a Lost Grove creature slayer task and 1/5,000 while off task.
What’s more, more Ninja fixes are released as well. Let’s begin your adventure with RS gold for sale from us right now and enjoy them all.
The RSorder Team

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