Suggestion to get 1000M FREE Giveaway swtor credits eu at swtor2credits
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Suggestion To Get 1000M FREE Giveaway Swtor Credits Eu At Swtor2credits

Suggestion to get 1000M FREE Giveaway swtor credits eu at swtor2credits

Game Update 5.9.2 “Galactic Legend” is now live on our Public Test Server (PTS) for all Premium players (subscribers)! Whether you have a max level character or not, we encourage you to jump on the PTS and give us your feedback on this great Player vs Player focused update. To get additional information on PTS status, timing, and to give us your feedback, head to the PTS Forums.This new stronghold is a massive stronghold with over 2000 hooks and 11 rooms. It features PvP arenas that players can play either deathmatch or Huttball. Check out all the details here on the Tor-decorating website or watch the video below for a visual tour. Purchase price and unlock costs are not yet finalized but supposed to be slightly higher than Yavin IV stronghold (~13 mil or 11k CC for full unlock).

let me introduce some upgrade of swtor credits in March and April this year of (2018):

Thanks everyone, let me know if you have any questions!As I mentioned in the changes thread, there are some changes that didn’t make their way into the build today that we are still looking at. Note that this is not a comprehensive list of everything! These are just some of the bigger things we would still like to change before5.9.2 ships.The ability to sort your Stronghold list.Get resolve bars to show on portraits in the Rishi SH.The ability for players to completely turn off PvP in their Rishi SH.Make it so that SH keys determine players ability to use terminals in another players SH.Address the remaining LoS issues for decorations, especially related to channeled and AoE abilities.Again, that is not everything but are some of the issues we are still actively working on. Thanks everyone, keep the feedback coming.

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